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Wellness Plan at Bath Veterinary Clinic in Bath, OH

When your pet needs care, you can turn to Bath Veterinary Clinic in Bath, Ohio. Our 24-hour emergency care facility and qualified emergency and surgical care specialists are ready when your beloved friend needs us. Our wellness care center in Bath is here to ensure your companion's continued health and provide veterinary supervised boarding and grooming.

Wellness Plans

We offer wellness plans through Petly to give our clients a chance to have access to affordable comprehensive wellness care. There is a 25 % discount built into the plan pricing. We offer Puppy/Kitten plans and Adult plans. Generally the upgrade on Puppy/Kitten to Adult plans is for spaying/neutering your pet. The upgrade on the adult plans also cover dental cleaning and geriatric screens. For people who like the idea of a Wellness Plan and the discount that goes with it but do not need payments, pre-pay options are available.

Custom plans differ from animal to animals but in general most plans include:
  • Dietary Assessments
  • Parasite Preventatives
  • Dental Cleaning Services
  • Covers Wellcare
  • Intensive Oral Care Services
  • Neutering & Spaying
  • Boarding and Grooming (for clients only)
  • Petly Plans
Contact us to explore all of our veterinary services and wellness care options. (330) 666-0018 or email us at